Three of a kind [090613]

What If The Product Is The Service Is The Marketing?

Great post from Emer Coleman (recently of GDS) about the changing face of ‘marketing and communications’ in this digital world of ours.

I particularly liked this line “if you’re relevant and have standing in the conversation, then things like press releases become pretty irrelevant.” The 3 Ps from Harvard Business Review are also really interesting and relevant I think.

The perils of asymmetric openness

In light of PRISM etc this week Euan Semple writes a really timely and insightful post. The problem with advocating all this openness and transparency (as I am certainly guilty of) is that is only really valuable if *everyone* is doing it.

NSA scandal: what data is being monitored and how does it work?

It was pretty hard to miss the PRISM scandal this week and the Guardian was once again at the forefront of breaking it all. This is a nice primer about what is going on and what it all means. I imagine the EFF and ORG will have a run on membership in the days to come! [though surely I’m not the only one who assumed they were doing this anyway?]

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