Don’t have a boss, don’t be a boss

Based on a recommendation from Zak (who had it recommended by Doug) I have just finished reading the $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau.

It is an interesting read (though it should be called the $600 Startup as thats the average most often referenced!) and rather than dwell on the traditional topic of web/app startup it is much more about the idea of becoming a ‘solopreneur’ – striking out on your own (or maybe with a partner) to do something you love to free yourself from the daily grind.

Many of the case stories start off from a position of adversity (losing their jobs is a common thread) and they are forced to take a chance on doing something new but others just decided they needed to do something of their own rather than work for someone else.

The book is full of practical advice though I am no judge of just how successful any of it would be – it is also, not surprisingly, geared towards a very US audience. Still I enjoyed it, it got me thinking and had a nice format with takeaways at the end of each chapter.

The big thing that stuck with me though was the line ‘don’t have a boss, don’t be a boss’ that was mentioned a couple of times in the book. I have to be honest this really resonates with me. I’m not a particularly entrepreneurial spirit and I have been lucky enough to have had (and still have) some great managers but the fact remains I am pretty sure I’d be happier working solo.

I enjoy the work I do but I think freed from the meetings, reporting, politics and the burden of line management (that strikes me as only ever brilliant or painful) of large organisations I’d be more productive and less stressed. I look at various friends who have either struck out on their own or formed small little (almost micro-businesses) and I always feel a pang of jealousy.

This is all entirely theoretical though at least for the immediate future – I have a massive task ahead of me with the current job and it is both exciting and terrifying and will keep me occupied for years to come.

Some day though. Some day.

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  1. I enjoyed this book for the diversity of businesses started on a low budget. It is so easy to barrel on with a 9-to-5 or think that unless you have a huge idea to make many millions to carry on as is.

    I am out in romania this week where the majority of jobs are self-employed. A couple we rented a guesthouse from came over from the UK and now have a busy pair of guesthouses. They started visiting a local orphanage and fast-forward 7yrs or so are #1 on tripadvisor and the business allows them to enjoy a great life whilst continuing to help the children. Pretty inspiring, could be a story from the book.

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