So this post is my 30th post in June. Only one of which (my poll) was obvious filler though one or two of them were a bit less than works of literary excellence! [Well to be honest this one is a bit of a make weight as well!]

I found the discipline of writing almost everyday (I gave myself one day off per week in theory) less onerous than I expected though coming up with topics did require more effort and I found myself reading a lot more feeds than I have in a while. That was a big part of why I spent so much time researching RSS tools to replace GReader.

Not sure the whole ‘write everyday’ thing helped my actual writing much it has to be said – I fear it is what it is at this point – and I’m not sure whether the sudden influx of posts annoyed my small audience as it went from an average of 10 a month to 30.

I wrote about 12,000 words and reckon at least 500 of those were mis-spellings or typos 🙂

The decision now I guess is whether I try to continue this kind of level of output. Especially as I am now going to be blogging for the ONS as well.

Anyway experiment completed and successfully.

2 responses to “30/30”

  1. Cheers Helen – though it has to be said this is a *very* edited look inside my brain – the levels of crazy rattling around in there can never be unleashed 🙂

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