Three of a kind [300613]

Jimmy Wales Is Not an Internet Billionaire

This is a great article/profile on Jimmy Wales. I am a big fan of Wikipedia and I pay my membership to Wikimedia UK each year to stay involved. The relationship between Wales and Wikipedia itself has always fascinated me though – it is a pretty unique dynamic and this article covers that nicely. Plus it highlights Wales and his semi-soft porn search engine past which seems to have been air brushed out in recent years.

Ethiopia’s tech hopefuls

I’m going through a bit of a stage of being fascinated by the rise of internet activities in Africa. I know so little but it seems like there are some amazing things happening over there and that the opportunities and challenges are equally massive. I had a couple of good friends do VSO in Ethiopia for two years so I have heard quite a bit about the country which is probably part of the reason for this article really catching my attention.

Introducing… dxw security

This is a great idea. The amount of organisations using WordPress just gets bigger and bigger but as I found to my cost in the past it can be deceptively simple to set-up but incredibly easy to leave gaping great security holes! Plug-ins are a long standing mine-field and someone as switched on as dxw essentially offering a validation service is going to be a god send to many people.

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