52: Week Eighteen


Very short note this week.

In theory I had this week off – however I spent a few hours Wednesday in the office for (another) interview and a couple of meetings plus today I have spent a couple of hours putting together a couple of quite lightweight proposals for some work we want to do plus some prep for a handful of meetings in London Monday and Tuesday.

To be honest the week has been a total write-off after one of my teeth shattered on Sunday and I couldn’t get to see a dentist until yesterday when with what seemed like a pair of pliers and some brute strength it was removed. Not a fun experience!

I’ve done quite a bit of blogging this week and have also volunteered to help Tom and Darwin setup some kind of ‘open data’ meet-up for Bristol.

I’m looking forward to meeting a few people at GDS next week and then attending dConstruct (though it is going to be a bit of a flying visit to Brighton).

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