Six of the best: 312 weeks blogging on WordPress


So I’ve just realised that I have missed my six year anniversary of this blog (well the original incarnation of this blog anyway) so I have been reminiscing a little.

I started my first WordPress blog (after playing around with both Typepad and Blogger but not getting anywhere) on the original alpha of the Jisc Involve blogging platform I set up (a service still going strong I am proud to say!) and spent several months blogging there – starting with this post but really finding the voice and tone I’d stick with a couple of months later while I was seconded to Hefce and started to use it as a kind of public, work related therapy session – something that continues to be the mainstay of this blog to this day!

When I resigned from Jisc in April 2008 I migrated all my content over to my own personal blog on WordPress – originally called (as the back pass rule in football pretty much ruined my football career and I was thinking I might have done something similar on a larger scale by resigning!). The current title came about when I read the Revolution not evolution report from Martha Lane Fox in November 2010 and was taken by the term ‘digital by default’ sprinkled throughout it and the coverage. A quick search on and I owned the .com and .org and here we are today.

The focus of the site has meandered a fair bit over those six years and I have never tried too hard to stick to any single topic – preferring to instead just write about anything vaguely to do with the topic of ‘digital’ and wherever my head might be at that time. I don’t edit or over think my posts (as I am sure you can tell) and aim to get things out of my head and up online with as minimal hurdles in between as I can – although I have a well established internal censor these days that prevents me getting in trouble too often.

Blogging remains my favourite element of all the digital stuff I do and WordPress my favourite tool for doing that so it has been a pretty happy six years so Cheers!

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