10 things only Bristolians visiting London will understand

Inspired by the UsVsTh3m post 🙂

  1. You thought your accent was barely noticeable, but to people in London you’re basically Ian Holloway

I say this as someone with an accent that makes his seem like Prince Charles!

2. And if you have a genuinely broad accent, you have to say everything twice so people understand

Especially London cabbies — I am *never* sure where I’ll end up!

3. People are just generally friendlier out West

Though to be honest people are friendlier *everywhere* outside of London 🙂

4. Everyone you meet thinks you sound like a farmer

Legends. ‘Nuff said.

5. Whereas anyone with a brain knows you sound like a pirate!

See Aardman know the score!

6. People who haven’t visited think it all looks a bit like this.

I’ve actually never seen a farm!

7. Or if they have visited they think it looks like this.

Clifton is basically Zone 7 — i.e. ‘Little London’.

8. When actually it looks more like this these days..

Bansksy who?

9. You can never get a proper cider.

It is ‘DRY’ Blackthorn — otherwise you might as well be drinking Strongbow.

10. The moment of relief when you pass Didcot and know you are halfway home!

Especially when you are doing the split fares 🙂

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