Weeknote, Where Art Though?

Not that I expect anyone has really noticed but I haven’t written my #weeknote for the last couple of Fridays.

I kept it up for six months but to be honest I have started to find it more difficult recently. A couple of things I am working on aren’t really shareable until the new year, they are interesting and meaty but will probably ‘live’ on the ONS blog when I do start writing about them. I am also finding that I need to self-censor more than in the past – I am much more settled in my role now but the frustrations that I can’t shake are in danger of leaking more and more in to my writing and that isn’t helpful really.

So anyway I am going to put the week note writing on shelf for a month or two.

If you really want your fix of week note action – go and check out Zak’s blog 🙂

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