My 2013 in 15 links

It is that time of year again – there is no escape from my entirely self indulgent review of the year!

This time I am cheating a bit though and am just pointing to a collection of things I wrote this year which I think pretty much sums up my year…for better or worse.


– Spent Jan & Feb sober
– Went to Uganda
– Quit MRC
– Turned 40
– Went to NYC
– Started at ONS
– Wondered what the hell I got myself in to
– Did some more public speaking
– ..and relax.

Starting sober

Uganda unplugged

Farewell to my 30s

New York,New York

Bye to MRC

Nother new job

“national disgrace”

Out at Opentech

Blogging big time

Doing dConstruct

Some SoMeSW

Magic of Mozfest

Local listicle

Infographics or ‘infauxgraphics’


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