So today was the 25th anniversary of when Sir Tim wrote the first draft of the proposal that would lead to the birth of the ‘world wide web’. There has been plenty of coverage today about his call for a ‘bill of rights‘ to protect the freedom and independence of the web. It is noticeable that Sir Tim has greatly picked up his public profile since the Snowden leaks showed just how far the security of the web had been compromised by our governments. Not a bad thing at all in my opinion – his position as inventor of the web is unassailable and the fact he hasn’t sold his soul to Google or similar reinforces the worthiness of his opinions.

Check out the Web We Want site and support it if you can.

From a personal point of view the web saved me from a career as either a mediocre teacher or lazy librarian and gave me a platform to make friends all over the world and even indulge in my passion for writing & publishing despite a distinct lack of talent.

I genuinely love the web and am thankful everyday for the fact it exists. So happy birthday WWW and cheers TBL.

2 responses to “WEB XXV”

  1. Indeed, god bless Tim, I’d have probably been a frustrated librarian myself without the web to give me a route onwards and upwards. Sadly the open web is under huge threat – as the saying goes the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Who knows if the open web that has nurtured us will survive, but I for one will go do fighting!

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