Recycling Civic Hacks?

This is just a ‘stub’ of an idea but was too long for Twitter.

Bristol City Council is about to release a whole bunch of new open datasets with some support from the Digital Economy and Future Cities Catapult centres funded by the Technology Strategy Board (forever confused with the bank with the same initials!)

It isn’t the first time Bristol City Council has done something similar — back in 2010 the Council, with the help of the PM Studio, was ahead of the game with the B-Open project but as is often the case with these things some cool apps and ideas were conceived and then quietly disappeared in the weeks and months following.

As Bristol prides itself on being a ‘green’ city I’d like to see a bit of a digital spin on recycling. There will inevitably be some kind of hack day or competition involved around the release of all this data and I’d like to see there being something that encourages people to build on top of already existing tools rather than reinventing the wheel.

I think Poplus components might be the start of something and the challenge is going to be building on that concept.

Five minutes spent on the Code for America or Civic Exchange websites would lead you down a Github rabbit hole of great ideas that could be re-worked to help the citizens and businesses of Bristol.

Just an idea.

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