My SXSW Schedule [Beta]

I have no idea if there is any point to this as I’ve never been to SXSW and to be honest it all sounds pretty intimidating. I have no clue how long it takes to get from one venue to another or just how many sessions it is sensible to try and take in on a single day…but I am somebody who likes a plan even if it all falls apart.

I get to Austin at about 5pm on the 11th so that should give me a night to ease in to the experience and have a beer or two near my hotel (LA Quinta, Capitol).

The festival doesn’t kick-off until the 13th so I’m hoping I will be able to get my registration sorted relatively painlessly on the 12th. I’m told it is less of an ordeal for speakers anyway. Then I want to just have a nose around. In a perfect world I’d get to see a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse but that seems unlikely – at least I’ll get to see it. I always like to know the area within walking distance of my hotel and map out the journey to the main venues for the sessions. It looks like Im only a few blocks away so should be a pretty easy walk.

So this is my plan for sessions at the moment;

13th March.

[12.30 – 13.30]
Move Fast, Government, or Get Out of the Way

Storytelling Superheroes

14th March.

[11.00 – 12.00]
Creator Activism: A Discussion with Robert Kirkman

[12.30 – 13.30]
Biz Stone on Creativity and Redefining Success

[15.30 – 16.30]
Lies, damned lies and statistics

Yes this is my session. i.e. panic stations.

[19.00 – 22.00]
SXSW Film + Interactive Fusion Party presented by Syfy & Philips

Not sure how the how ‘party’ thing works but they are showing the new Expanse series pilot so I want to at least try.

15th March.

[09.30 – 10.30]
Digital and Social Government Meet up

[11.00 – 12.00]
The Cast of Community on Moving to Digital

[12.15 – 13.00]
Nerdist Comics Panel

[16.00 – 16.15?]
Building Strong Teams in the Millennial Age

This seems a weirdly short session.

[17.00 – 18.00]
Inc. Presents: The Honest Company

Look it is Jessica Alba. In person. I’d go if she was reading the phone book.

16th March.

[11.00 – 12.00]
Telling Stories With Visualization & Interactivity

[12.30 – 13.30]
Everything Eric Ries Has Learned Since 2011

[15.30 – 16.30]
Lessons from BuzzFeed

[17.00 – 18.00]
How Government Fails and How You Can Fix It

[19.00 – 22.00]
XPRIZE and Blue State Digital Host the Social Good Hub Opening Party

March 17th.

[12.30 – 13.30]
Russell Brand’s Revolution Will Be Televised

Yea I know. Curiosity has got the better of me but you know what that did to the cat.

[17.00 – 18.00]
Bruce Sterling Closing Talk

…and that’ll be that. I assume that half these sessions will be full and I’ll miss out but I think this is what I’ll aim at. If RZA attends while I’m there I’ll try and see that as well.

This should leave plenty of time to meet people and have a few craft beers (when in Austin..). I’m stocked up on my ‘Cards Against Humanity’ style business cards that I hope strike a chord with people and I’m starting to really look forward to it.

My session is pretty much a pre-announced unconference slot so hopefully it will just be a conversation about the new digital government agenda (I think I could talk sensibly about US and other experiences superficially) or open data (where I might need to scramble a bit.) That is if anyone attends. Apparently the room takes 200 people. I might be pretty lonely!

If anybody reading this is going to be in Austin please let me know if you are up for meeting. I’m a terrible ‘networker’ but it would be nice to chat to a few like minded folk.

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