5th July 2015 #jukesiejobs

Only eight jobs made it in to my Evernote list this week – an eclectic mix as well.


Zak is building a really interesting team at the Bristol Museum service – they are trying new things and taking a few risks – well worth a look if you are a usability type: User Researcher – Audience Development

I always keep an eye on the comings and goings at Jisc even years after I left the organisation and even now I’ve left the whole education/research space. I find the interface between law and technology an endlessly fascinating topic – mainly because people seem to get it so wrong so often – help change that: Subject specialist – technology and the law

All sorts of interesting things seem to be afoot at the House of Commons at the moment – this is a really interesting new role (not least because it seems to be a little inspired by our work at ONS): Data Visualisation and Statistics Specialist Just to say the job website at HoC is the most horrible I have come across.

Over the years Amnesty have regularly punched above their weight in the digital space – I’ve often found myself using them as an example of doing interesting work as well as generally doing important work: Digital Product Manager

I think Verify is amongst the very most important work that GDS is undertaking at the moment and the approach is really interesting. A usable digital identity service is going to underpin so much other innovation as well: Product Manager for GOV.UK Verify

Given what I am trying here it is not surprising that I am a little interested in this role and the work of this entire team – getting the right people is pretty much the most important thing if the ambitious plans for government digital transformation have any chance: Senior Recruitment Consultant for GDS

It feels like the ODI are always recruiting and once again this week there was an interesting role for somebody to do some short term work with them – this time contributing to the UX of some of their products. It always looks like a great place to work and they have their fingers in a lot of interesting pies: UX Contractor

I used to be a pretty serious Mozilla fanboy and follow the work of the Foundation closely. Lately though that has faded and this year will be the first time I will not attend the Mozilla Festival. Nonetheless they are starting to do some really good work in and around the ‘open science’ community and this #opendata role has potential: Data Training Program Lead – Mozilla Science Lab

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