12th July 2015 #jukesiejobs

Senior Product Manager – BBC Sport. One of my last real ambitions is to work for the BBC in a digital role – it is just a generation thing I think – and one of my biggest disappointments was when they chose Salford as the location for their new centre a few years ago as I’m even less likely to work there than I am in London! Still Product Manager for BBC Sport sounds pretty epic to me.

Another new role at the House of Commons. This time they are looking for a Digital Engagement Manager
– and it is certainly an interesting and wide ranging job description but I have to be honest the salary seems a little low for what is being asked for – in London anyway.

Sustrans are looking for a Digital Marketing Assistant in Bristol – this seems like a nice role for somebody looking to get in to digital and social. Plus you get to work with the brilliant Bethany.

GDS are looking for a new Head of Accessibility – this is going to be a huge opportunity for somebody. Not only to set standards for GOV.UK but to influence the entire UK digital industry when it comes to the topic of good accessibility practices.

Something I became aware of at last years Open Knowledge Festival is just how much amazing open data work goes on in the ‘development’ world thanks to things like IATI standards. This is an opportunity to get hands on with that work as a Data Architect at DfID near-ish to Glasgow

DataKind are an interesting organisation – they coordinate volunteer data scientists to benefit humanitarian causes who require some help making sense of the data deluge they are facing. They need a Community Manager for their UK chapter

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