A nice mix this week of employers across the ‘Internet of Public Service’ and actually a few outside London for a change. I don’t know much about Pobble but love the idea of their site and I’m always excited to see what Futuregov are up to. The BBC bringing in a user researcher at Creative Director level is really interesting and shows just how vital that work is. Interesting digital manager roles in Hertford, Swindon and Birmingham that resemble the more ‘Jack of all trades’ roles that I enjoyed for years in smaller digital teams.

Lovely to see Jisc continuing to recruit and grow in to their new(ish) identity and I’m a big fan of the work of the Digital Preservation Coalition and that looks like a particularly interesting role.

As for the Future Cities job while I remain a bit unconvinced by ‘smart cities’ there is a lot of opportunity to do some fun work in that space and over the years the FCO have been at the forefront of embracing digital in Government so that is a great opportunity to work with a forward looking team.

Hope somebody finds something interesting – if so good luck!

Creative Director (Design Research) – BBC London

Head of Digital Services – Hertfordshire County Council Hertford

Digital Marketing Manager – English Heritage Swindon

Consultant – Futuregov London

Digital Transformation Manager – Foreign & Commonwealth Office London

Account manager, technologies – Jisc Home based

Digital Producer – Future Cities Catapult London

Digital Marketer – Pobble London

Business Manager – Digital Preservation Coalition Glasgow

Head of Digital – Office for the Public Guardian Birmingham

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