An #OftheGovernment linkfest

At the weekend Jason Caplin from the UKTI wrote a post on Medium as a bit of a call to arms for those still involved in digital transformation in the public sector/civil service as a response to the perceived turmoil after the GDS resignations. It seemed to strike a nerve with people and reminded a handful that you could write more than 140 characters at a time on the web 🙂

So here are links to a few of my favourite posts inspired directly or indirectly by Jason’s call and the events of the last couple of weeks. It has been a pleasure to read them and reassuring to know that nobody is rolling over any time soon.

If I have missed any posts let me know and I’ll add the links..

OfTheGovernment, not on the government @xcaplin

‘It shouldn’t need a war this time’: a short story about data and digital. @ad_greenway

People come and go all the time but.. @carlhaggerty

My thoughts on being #OfTheGovernment @cholten99

The Quiet Revolution in the Department for Work and Pensions @BillyStreet

Plenty more to do @dafyddbach

Let’s get better at making government better. @rebeccakemp

Government services aren’t done yet, so neither am I @LouiseDowne

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  1. oops – that was actually a copy and paste error from Byword – Louise was the first on the list as I’d linked to that post elsewhere here already – fixed 🙂

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