The Magnificent Seven: My Favourite NEW TV shows of 2015

There were a lot of returning shows this year that probably deserve a mention if I was writing about my favourite shows full stop — Justified went out on a high, Sons of Anarchy redeemed itself a bit, the Flash is even more full of ‘Silver Age’ fun than ever, Game of Thrones continued to be an addictive mess and the Good Wife remains deceptively subversive. This however is just for shows that debuted in 2015.

It has been a big year for the female superheroes — the studios might not trust them to helm a movie but that just means they are kicking ass on TV. Agent Carter, Jessica Jones, Supergirl and iZombie have all stepped out of the pages of comic books and produced fun, clever, entertaining shows that I’ve loved every minute of. They are all entirely different with little in common apart from amazing female leads and their funny book history and all the better for that — classy, damaged, positive and zany they’ve got it covered.

Daredevil is my favourite Marvel character by a LONG way and still the show exceeded my expectations. Master of None was a total surprise — watched the first episode on a whim and just couldn’t stop and Blackish just makes me laugh episode after episode.

So if you are looking for something to binge on this Christmas — take a chance on one of these — they have the Jukesie guarantee*

*I guarantee nothing

1. Agent Carter

2. iZombie

3. Jessica Jones

4. Daredevil

5. Master of None

6. Blackish

7. Supergirl

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