whither Web of Words

I’ve been circling around an idea for an event about blogs and blogging for a couple of years now. I wrote about it back in early 2014 and despite some shenanigans have managed to hold on to the domain webofwords.org for even longer.

2015 seemed like a bit of a comeback for individuals publishing on the web — Medium was everywhere and TinyLetter really contributed to the explosion of email newsletters.

Personally I find it endlessly fascinating hearing about other peoples writing motivations, approaches, tools and tips but maybe I am alone in that? What I am not interested in is ad networks and sponsored posts or ghost-written corporate blogs.

I’d pay (though I’d rather it were free!) to hear talks from a diverse bunch of web writers — whether that be via WordPress, Ghost, Medium, TinyLetter or LiveJournal — about why, and how, they do it.

There still doesn’t really seem to be any sort of event for this sort of thing and maybe that is just because it is too niche?

Blogging has always been my first love when it comes to the web — I was never a coder, a designer or a gamer. It has always been about the first two R’s for me.

So I’m wondering if anyone else is interested in something like this? Has its time come or is it still just a pipe dream or something that was only really cool back in the early naughties.

Let me know and maybe, just maybe, we can make it happen.



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