Launching Product for the People

Welcome comrades! Product for the People is my new blog that is going to broadly cover product management for the public good — so basically anything I think might be interesting to people who share my professional interests.

I am going to try out a number of regularly scheduled, consistent formats amongst my usual meandering posts. To start with these will be;

  • My weekly curated jobs list [1]
  • How I Work/The Setup style interviews with product people about their favourite tools & toys [2]
  • Day-notes from my trips to meet product (& related) teams around the UK [3]
  • Book reports whenever I read anything appropriate [4]

As this is just a Medium ‘publication’ with a domain mapped to it I’d also really like to encourage other people to contribute posts and get involved. It is a pretty straightforward process and I’d love this to be more than just me babbling away.

I might also — if anybody is interested — aggregate it all up once a week and format it as a newsletter. They still seem on trend 🙂

Please let me know if you want to get involved or if you have any suggestions for posts. If you think it is a dreadful idea please keep it to yourself though — I’m a fragile chap!

[1] Here is the latest job list

[2] Potential questions are some combination of:
Who are you and what do you do and where?
What software do you use day to day?
What is your favourite stationery?
What do you love/hate most about your job?
How did you become a _____________?
What do you wish someone had told you about the job before you started?
How do you manage your backlog (i.e. cards on a wall, Jira, Trello, Sprintly..)?
If any of that sounds interesting please message me on Twitter (@jukesie )

[3] So far I have had offers to visit from GDS, The National Archives, BIS/UKTI, The Telegraph, the BBC, the Scottish Government, Parliament Digital Service, the Open Data Institute and Bucks CC. I’m still open to more visits — have Macbook will travel. Fridays are especially good.

[4] The first report will be about the brilliant Turn the Ship Around!

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