Internet of Public Service Jobs — 29/05/16

‘Internet of Public Service jobs’ is a weekly list of vacancies related to product management, user experience, development and design in…you guessed it…the ‘internet of public service’ curated by @jukesie every Sunday.

Lifeboats and libraries. Unions and universities. Charities and co-operatives. Quite the mix this week and once again it is a decent spread around the UK.

You know the score — good luck and let me know if you actually get one of the jobs (one satisfied customer* so far.)

*not actually a customer.

[1] Digital Campaigner

[2] Digital Transformation Manager
General Medical Council

[3] Deputy Head of Digital Communications
Cardiff University

[4] Digital Manager

[5] Head of IT and Digital
Libraries Unlimited

[6] Digital Services Manager
Action for Children

[7] Chief Digital Officer
Scottish Local Government Digital Transformation Board

[8] Co-operative Enterprise Advisor (Digital)
Co-operatives UK

[9] Principal Researcher (Government Innovation)

[10] Transformation Lead
Government Digital Service

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