Time to do more

It has been a rough few weeks — the major UK political activity I can’t talk about as a civil servant, the horror of the Orlando shootings and now the devastating murder of the MP Jo Cox. It has all left me feeling pretty bleak about the future. Even England beating Wales only briefly raised my spirits.

Now I can’t claim to have heard of Ms Cox before the terrible events but everything I have read give the impression she was an amazing woman who had devoted her (too short) life to making the world a better place. She was, not to put too fine a point on it, inspiring.

I’ve donated some money to relevant causes but I feel that I really need to do more — to try and push back against all the negativity out there that threatens to overwhelm me. A while ago I read this article about the problems charities were having keeping up with the move towards digital and how perhaps a new generation of trustees could be of use. I recently applied to be a Non-Exec Director for MySociety and while I wasn’t successful I do think I would have something to offer to a charity looking to make better use of the opportunities of the internet — without being cocky I am decent at this digital strategy lark and it is time to do more.

I have no idea how to take the next step really but if you know any charities that could benefit from advice about digital — particularly anything local to Bristol — please point them at me or me at them.

I have time and I have some skills and it is time to use both better.

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