Internet of Public Service Jobs — 25/09/16

‘Internet of Public Service jobs’ is a weekly list of vacancies related to product management, user experience, development and design in…you guessed it…the ‘internet of public service’ curated by @jukesie every Sunday.

This is a cracking week I have to say! Whether you feel the same somewhat assumes you really are my career doppelgänger but you are reading this after all.

There are definitely a handful of these roles that in different circumstances I’d be going for and a couple more that if I had stayed put places I might well be doing anyway with [5] [7] and [9] probably closest to my heart for one reason or another.

So go forth and apply. Good luck if you do.

Oh and I’m starting an ‘internet of public service’ meet-up as well in Bristol if anyone wants to come along →

[1] Head of Product Development
The Good Lab

[2] Digital Producer
Prostate Cancer UK

[3] Digital Project Manager
The Francis Crick Institute

[4] Intranet Manager
Water Aid

[5] Senior Website Manager
Open University
Milton Keynes

[6] Senior Social Media Producers

[7] Head of Digital Services
Institute for Apprenticeships
Coventry or Sheffield

[8] Web and Digital Manager

[9] Director of insight
Bristol, Harwell, London or Manchester

[10] UX Research Manager
The Guardian

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