2017 ambitions 2nd quarterly report card

On New Years Eve I published a list of ambitions for the year. Here is the second report of my progress. Here is the first one.

– 3000 words per month

Not even trying any more. Totally given up. If I do decide to try and write something more significant than blogposts I think it will be about blogging and openness rather than looking back at ‘digital transformation’.


– 8 meet-ups
– 1 ‘event’

The May and July meet-ups went well. May was really good — July was fun but the numbers dropped a little. Going to try a new day (Thursday) and start a little later (4.30) for the next one.

Event wise I’m going ahead with organising the ‘Web of Words’ mini-conference I’ve threatened for years and that is my primary side project at the moment. It also looks like there will be some kind of event in Bristol with people from Parliament and mySociety that I’ll help with.


– 80,000 steps per week
– 6 non drinking months (not consequentially)

I’ve finally had a few weeks where I have hit the target and generally have started to get my averages up a bit. Work to do but it is getting better. I’ve been pretty run down and low on energy these last few weeks though and it is effecting things. I probably need to take some time off but I just can’t disengage my brain at the moment.

I’ve managed a few dry weeks though — 26 days in May. Never going to manage 6 months now but I do think I can safely target a couple more dry spells.


– 50 notes
– 50 sketches (one drawing or piece of graf a week on Instagram)

I did 24 weeks in a row with the #weeknotes and intend to start back up in September. This means I won’t manage 50 but I’m still pretty pleased with it and the way the format has evolved. Not to mention all the other people who have started weeknoting 🙂

I’ve stopped sketching for a few weeks now. I filled my pad and then didn’t replace it and got out of the habit. This coming week I intend to change this and get back to it. I need the peace of mind drawing provides me — even if the outcome is pretty rubbish.


– 6 talks
– 2 new presentations

I’ve spoken at OpenTech, Camp Digital and DrupalCamp Bristol since the last update. I have talks at Agile Cambridge, Digital 17 and Agile in the City: Bristol confirmed for later in the year. All different talks.


– 50 published lists
– 200 email subscribers

I have 275 subscribers now — though the traffic to the Medium version has dropped. Starting to get feedback from people who have found jobs via the list which is amazing and people contacting me about adding jobs to the list. Didn’t even miss getting the list out when I was in New York!


– 3 continents
– 4 UK trips

Florence and New York were both great but very work related. My trip to Vegas later in the year looks unlikely now but maybe I’ll go ‘Down Under’ instead — on another work related trip with some down time built in. Fingers crossed. Also going to visit Spain for a couple of days for a friends 40th.

UK trips remain a bust. Traveling in the UK is so blooming expensive and disrupted that I just can’t bring myself to do it. There are a bunch of places I’d love to visit but it seems less and less likely.


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