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The latest missive from Google about their job search project really does start to move it from an interesting project to a real game changer. If I was working at one of the big jobs boards at the moment I think I’d be polishing my CV to be honest!

There is a lot to pick through in a relatively short blogpost but this paragraph is really big I think;

Salary is an important factor in finding the right job — but by our estimate, this information is missing from over 85 percent of job postings in the U.S. today. So to provide this essential information, we’re showing estimated salary ranges right alongside many jobs, based on the specific job title, location and employer. These are drawn from sources across the web like Glassdoor, PayScale, LinkedIn, Paysa and more. For those jobs that do have a salary listed, we’ll show a comparison to the estimated range for that job, if available.

My own teeny-weeny experience of curating a jobs list really backs this up and I even experimented with trying to use Glassdoor to try and identify estimated salaries for roles I wanted to feature if they weren’t published but it was a bit of a dead-end (though it is useful for the BBC). So this could be really powerful.

I’m assuming that Google are using jobPosting from for at least part of this data gathering and it feels like there is a big opportunity to essentially do ‘white-hat’ SEO for job descriptions now! Help companies get them marked up properly, use Content Designers to make sure they are well written using the most appropriate language and a bunch of other small things that will hopefully raise up the quality of the ads for everyone (hopefully for instance the shame of having Google guess your salaries will get more firms to add them in the first place!).

I’m sure there is still room for niche little jobs boards and curated lists (well I would!) but this will surely signal a big shift and everyone involved in recruitment/hiring should be looking hard at how this shakes out.

There is also probably a big play on the horizon for some kind of intelligent agent that will not only search roles for you based on criteria but handle applications as well — I’ll leave that to smarter folk to puzzle out though.

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