Internet of Public Service Forum?

Kicking it old school

You know what they say — many a true word is said in jest. In the week I was mildly ribbing Mr Briggs about him trying out another of these short-lived, flavour of the week, social networks that will save us all from Facebook and Twitter and in doing so I said:

..and subsequently admitted to an idea that had been rattling around in my head for a while — an old school forum spinning off from my ‘Internet of Public Service’ jobs newsletter where people could post others vacancies, share advice about applying to these sorts of organisations and generally just gossip I suspect!

Ann also chipped in with a related idea that would fit quite nicely.. now I’m giving it a bit more serious thought.

It would also give me an excuse to play with Discourse which really does look like a great product and is open source which is brilliant. I’m pretty sure I’d need a bit of help to get it properly up and running but I might well invest a bit into it.

I could of course just set up a Slack and do it that way but who the hell wants to join another Slack team!

What do people think? Worth a punt?

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