Netflix by the Numbers

I downloaded my Netflix viewing history at the weekend and in the spirit of Open Data Camp which was happening up in the wilds of Aberdeen at the time I thought I would analyse things a little.

Joined 16/02/2014

1,722 days later 2,552 shows* viewed (at time of writing!)

Approximately 2,593 hours viewed

Cost to date: £550

Longest streak: The Good Wife — 67 episodes unbroken run

Most viewed show: The Gilmore Girls — 157 episodes x 2

135 hours of Marvel Netflix shows viewed

People using my password: 2**

4 ‘Brooklyn 99’ Halloween Heists (Nine! Nine!)

Show most likely to send me on a rant: The Get Down 
(still disappointed)

Show(s) I have watched the first episode most often trying to get into them: Mad Med & Sense8 (3 times)

Show most recommended to other people: The Good Place

*I’m using ‘shows’ to mean anything I watch on Netflix
**that I know of

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