Netflix’s Marvel shows — ranked

It seems like the current incarnation of the Netflix Marvel shows are winding towards their natural ending. Luke Cage and Iron Fist cancelled. The latest season of Daredevil feeling like it could be a nice place to leave Matthew, Karen and Foggy. New seasons of Punisher and Jessica in the can and expected in the coming months but radio silence otherwise.

Which means no word on a Daughters of the Dragons show that would at least justify the time I put into watching Iron Fist!

Plus there is the growing spectre of Disney’s own streaming service competitor to Netflix. It seems unlikely (if not impossible) that they will leave so many popular characters to boost the viewing figures of someone else. Even if the grittiness of the shows doesn’t really fit with the wider Disney brand.

So this is my definitive (for today) ranking of the shows to date. 01 and 02 often change spots but Daredevil 3 reinforced the greatness of 01 and much as I love Jessica DD just edges it at the moment.

…and yes — Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) is totally my favourite (and yes I know that gif of her isn’t from DD but True Blood)!

01. Daredevil [season 1]

02. Jessica Jones [season 1]

03. Luke Cage [season 1]

04. Daredevil [season 3]

05. The Punisher [season 1]

06. Jessica Jones [season 2]

07. Daredevil [season 2]

08. Luke Cage [season 2]

09. The Defenders

10. Iron Fist [season 2]

11. Iron Fist [season 1]

Thoughts? I suspect Jessica’s second season will be more popular with some and Punisher definitely seems to have been a bit Marmite but I think it was the best portrayal of Frank Castle I’ve seen to date — no easy task.

Pretty much all the shows suffered from the mid season dip and only Iron Fist improved in its second outing (I’m not sure it could do anything else!) so maybe now is the time to depart Hell’s Kitchen and be thankful for a bunch of shows I never believed I would get to see!

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