Netflix shows 2018 — ranked

There is a chance I watch rather a lot of television. Finding out you can download all your viewing history from Netflix might have somewhat reinforced that impression.

Anyway it has made it easier for me to see what I have been watching on Netflix most in 2018 and decided on my top 20 shows. These are all (I think) Netflix exclusive shows — nothing I’ve watched elsewhere and no one-off specials (so none of the stand-up shows or movies).

Lot more comedy or comedic drama type stuff this year + a few documentaries. I suspect the comedy is a side effect of the hotel living!

01. The Good Place (seasons 2 and 3)

02. The Defiant Ones

03. Daredevil (season 3)
04. GLOW (season 2)

05. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee*
06. iZombie (season 4)
07. Hip Hop Evolution (season 2)
08. On My Block

09. Black Lightning
10. Kim’s Convenience

11. The Toys That Made Us

12. HAPPY!
13. Good Girls

14. Last Chance U: INDY
15. Love (season 3)

16. Great News
17. Jessica Jones (season 2)

18. One Day at a Time (season 2)
19. Star Trek: Discovery
20. Luke Cage (season 2)


*this one is so weird — I don’t really like Jerry Seinfeld much, don’t drink coffee, have no interest in cars and I’m not even a big stand-up fan but this show is bloody hypnotic.

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