Ambitions for 2019

Really it comes down to two main goals for the year ahead.

Write the damn book.

This is my greatest ambition and one I come to time and time again. This year it is a professional as well as a personal goal including support from my company so it is time to get serious and in getting serious I have identified a few sub-goals.

  • One evening a week without TV
  • Remove all social media from my phone and half my weekly average screen time
  • Write 1000 words a week
  • Go on a writers retreat

How will I know if it was a success?
There will be a bloody book of some kind!

Get fit.

Now that my weight and the diabetes are under control it is time to deal with the fact I remain horribly unfit. I didn’t complete the 100 push-ups challenge and didn’t really even get started with the yoga this year. So again I have identified some sub-goals.

  • Complete Couch25K
  • Do a yoga session once a week
  • Do press-ups at least once a week
  • Give up beer (again)

How will I know if it was a success?
I will complete a Parkrun or play in a full (veterans!) football match.

As you might expect I have other ambitions — some of them might be considered rewards for progress in my priorities.


  • Visit Miami for Wynwood Walls
  • Do my ultimate Busman’s Holiday in May (Ontario > Victoria > California > New York)
  • Show my friends around Brooklyn
  • In the absence of Upfest go to another UK streetart festival


  • Take part in Inktober
  • Watch 20 movies at the cinema
  • Read 50 books (including all of Harry Potter in step with my niece)
  • Get a tattoo


While 2018 was great professionally and I had some wonderful adventures I was also really quite solitary. I probably saw less of my friends than any previous year (even when I was really down), barely dated and just generally spent a bit too much time in my own head. Not sure what this looks like but it is a note to myself to do better!

  • Find out more about the #100people thing Sharon O’Dea is doing and maybe give it a go

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