Ambitions for 2019 – Q1 results


A big fat FAIL so far.

The story so far:

Haven’t got anywhere with my book and am further away from fitness than ever it feels like.

I have managed a night a week without TV and my social media usage is waaaaaayyyyy down (including leaving Facebook) but I have been struggling to write all year.

On the fitness front I went ‘running’ twice, did my press-ups a handful of times and zero yoga. My drinking has been creeping up again as well (though bar a couple of one-offs it isn’t too bad).

I didn’t manage to go to Miami – though I am currently thinking I might go in October instead of my usual NYC trip.

I am going to do my crazy Canada/US tour so that is a win.

I’ve only read 10 books so far this year (though most of them have been really good!) and I’ve only seen 3 movies at the cinema (Fighting with my Family, Captain Marvel and Shazam! Hopefully Hellboy this weekend).

Basically work has been CRAZY – almost entirely in a good way but it has left very little energy or headspace for anything else other than Netflix and the occasional comic book. Even my blogging output is at an all time low ebb.

It doesn’t seem like work is going to get much easier any time soon – in fact I suspect it is ramping up(!) so perhaps this is a sign of things to come and some things (my writing and events stuff I reckon as I really do need to keep taking care of my health) will start to slip by the wayside? Maybe a more realistic one blogpost a month? Need to ponder.

Write the damn book.

This is my greatest ambition and one I come to time and time again. This year it is a professional as well as a personal goal including support from my company so it is time to get serious and in getting serious I have identified a few sub-goals.

  • One evening a week without TV
  • Remove all social media from my phone and half my weekly average screen time
  • Write 1000 words a week
  • Go on a writers retreat

How will I know if it was a success?
There will be a bloody book of some kind!

Get fit.

Now that my weight and the diabetes are under control it is time to deal with the fact I remain horribly unfit. I didn’t complete the 100 push-ups challenge and didn’t really even get started with the yoga this year. So again I have identified some sub-goals.

  • Complete Couch25K
  • Do a yoga session once a week
  • Do press-ups at least once a week
  • Give up beer (again)

How will I know if it was a success?
I will complete a Parkrun or play in a full (veterans!) football match.

As you might expect I have other ambitions — some of them might be considered rewards for progress in my priorities.


  • Visit Miami for Wynwood Walls
  • Do my ultimate Busman’s Holiday in May (Ontario > Victoria > California > New York)
  • Show my friends around Brooklyn
  • In the absence of Upfest go to another UK streetart festival


  • Take part in Inktober
  • Watch 20 movies at the cinema
  • Read 50 books (including all of Harry Potter in step with my niece)
  • Get a tattoo


While 2018 was great professionally and I had some wonderful adventures I was also really quite solitary. I probably saw less of my friends than any previous year (even when I was really down), barely dated and just generally spent a bit too much time in my own head. Not sure what this looks like but it is a note to myself to do better!

  • Find out more about the #100people thing Sharon O’Dea is doing and maybe give it a go

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