8.7 …running on empty

I am really, really tired. My brain is like mush at this point but this trip has been completely amazing. Totally worth it – even if I am now trying to work out how I can fit in a holiday to recover from this.

Due to this tiredness (and a requirement to write a couple of specific posts about the Canada and CfA Summit legs of the trip) these week notes are weak notes.

I got to Oakland Saturday afternoon – this leg of the trip was by far the smoothest of the whole jaunt so far. Cleared US immigration at Vancouver, straight on the BART at SFO to MacArthur. My motel is five minutes walk away.

Temescal where I am staying is on the cusp of gentrification it seems – a mix of hipster food & beer joints and places that have clearly been around for years. The neighbourhood (in fact all of Oakland) is covered in street art and while there is obvious homelessness it is nothing like as in your face as San Francisco.

I spent the Sunday exploring Oakland and taking photos of street art – for hours.

I spent Monday (Memorial Day) exploring the Mission District and taking photos of street art – for hours. (Also tacos!)

Tuesday morning I went to SFMOMA for the Warhol exhibition – which was brilliant. I also watched Booksmart (really funny and touching.)

Tuesday evening I went to the #govdesign meetup at the SF Digital Services Office – led by Carrie Bishop (formerly of Futuregov). Was an interesting set of talks and meant I got to chat to Carrie for the first time and meet Meg, Martin, Kara and Laurence who were over to run the #govdesign conference and attend CfA (which meant I wasn’t totally Billy No Mates – I appreciated them taking pity on me).

Wednesday morning I attended the International Design in Government event running as part of the Code for America fringe. I basically just attended the keynotes them sneaked off to visit a comic book store and then spent the afternoon getting sun burned gossiping (in a work related manner) with Lou Downe who had keynoted the event. (REALLY sun burnt!)

Thursday and Friday I have been at the Code for America Summit. It has at times been inspiring and regularly interesting. There is a lot of FOMO due to so many parallel strands.

The sticker game is on FIRE.

Totally fell in love with two Thai restaurants in Temescal – Hawking Bird and Bird and Buffalo. Ended up eating at them twice.

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