June 2019

Well June has been quite the month indeed.

I got home from my epic tour of Canada and the US and landed straight into my new role as Co-CEO for Notbinary. It has been a bit of a rocket-sled ever since.

10 things that have happened in the last four weeks –>

  1. Announced the new job title
  2. Launched the new Notbinary website
  3. Wrote an article for Diginomica
  4. Futuregov joined The Panoply
  5. Went to Oslo for a pitch
  6. Spoke at Futuregov’s Design for Gov event
  7. Gave a talk at ONS
  8. Spent time with our teams in Cardiff and Swansea
  9. Wrote up my adventures in North America
  10. Kicked off programme with Food Standards Agency

There were also a LOT of video calls and Google Sheets. So many Google Sheets.

We also had to make some difficult decisions due to bit of a painful quarter – all in all a bit of a baptism of fire for me taking a leadership role.


It has been pretty tiring if I am honest. Exciting, exhilarating and interesting but not easy. I don’t quite feel like I ever totally caught up from my trip but – to to paraphrase Rick James “adrenalin’s a hell of drug!”

It isn’t as if I am doing loads different it is just there is more to think about and my perspective on things changed almost immediately. The success of the company – and to an extent the Group – is much more directly my responsibility now. That is more than doing a good job delivering for clients (though I’ll always care about that) but it means a responsibility for the jobs of friends and colleagues and to investors. My decisions have effected people for years now – it has been a long time since I wasn’t some flavour of management – but it is all much more direct now. It is scary.

Thing is I have to accept that and move on. I have a real vision for the company and my excitement about Futuregov joining the group is amplified by just how much that reinforces that vision.

I want to be part of a ‘small pieces, loosely joined’ collective that acts as a competitor to all those SIs and Big Four consultancies crawling all over government again. I want to be a part of something that proves you can be profitable, effective and principled…at scale.

..and doing all of this by working in the open.


What else happened?

I reached 1000 subscribers (1026 now) on my newsletter.

Booked a trip to New York and staying in the new TWA terminal hotel.

Watched ‘Years and Years’ which I thought was smart and compelling – Eastenders by way of Black Mirror.




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