Micro March (07)

Made it to Oslo. The whole thing was ridiculously straightforward. Coach from Glasgow to Edinburgh airport. Less than 90 minutes on the plane. Train straight to Oslo Central station. My hotel is literally in the building.

It is cold but not terrifyingly so.

Immediately went to The Dubliner as it was the only pub advertising the Six Nations and the England v Wales game. It is a great pub – if a bit of a maze. 26 quid for three not quite pints of lager was a kick in the unmentionables though! Still England won a great game and the atmosphere was brilliant.

Discovering that there is a Leon in Oslo took care of my sustenance needs. Realising my usual lunch order was more than twice as much was a double kick in those afore mentioned unmentionables. 22 days here is going to sting!

Move in to the AirBnB tomorrow afternoon. I found the building earlier but not actually the entrance. That is tomorrows problem though.


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