Picard perfect

I am enjoying the new Picard series. It is a bit jarring to hear so many eff-bombs being dropped in the Star Trek universe and some of the violence is pretty un-Trek like but I’ve enjoyed it a lot more than any recent forays in to this world. Catching up with Riker, Troi, Hugh and Seven has been fun.

This isn’t actually about that. The Picard Tips Twitter account has long since proved that JL is a goldmine of leadership guidance but in the recent episode the following really hit home.

“We have powerful tools. Openness. Optimism. And the spirit of curiosity.”

Everything feels pretty bleak at the moment. I can’t remember anything like this – even the days after 9/11 didn’t feel so fraught. However I’ve been going back time and again to a couple of talks at Service Design in Government. The keynote from Cassie and Will‘s talk. They were both talks that were interwoven with optimism and curiosity presented with such openness. They were full of examples of challenging the status quo and not giving in to a dystopic world view. Instead they were about making connections and strengthening society. About being positive and ambitious. About breaking down barriers instead of building more walls.

I think we need more of that at the moment. We need more Picard.

Openness. Optimism. And the spirit of curiosity.

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