Micro March (18)

Best day so far since I went in to lock down. I felt pretty productive work wise, I went for a bit of a walk (just 30 minutes around the block – zero human contact) and participated in our teams morning ‘virtual coffee break’. I think what I have realised is although I am finding it all very disconcerting and am definitely still not feeling 100% myself I have it lucky compared to a LOT of people. I have a job I can do from home, a decent support network and my Twitter posse to keep me same. Not to mention all the means of entertainment known to man!

It is my birthday at the end of next week. A bunch of friends are going to have a Zoom Party. Basically a video conference where we get drunk! The dress code is party up top, sloppy down low (nice shirts / sweatpants) – as befits the format. We might also try and do the Netflix sync and do a movie related drinking game 🙂



2 responses to “Micro March (18)”

  1. I like and respect the Zoom party idea – a week ago I’d have thought it was weird and cheesy, oh how time’s change 😀 The wife’s birthday is coming up soon, and the potential for even visiting a cafe is looking pretty bleak. Maybe I can organise some sort of surprise virtual party for just 30 minutes to do something…

  2. Yea I wouldn’t have considered it 72 hours ago 😂 I reckon it’ll only be 90 minutes but better than nowt!

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