Micro March (21)

Pretty determined to keep Saturday’s sacred in this new world of ours. No work. Or work adjacent activity.


In big news I guess I ordered a couple of Facebook Portals. One for me and one for my parents. I still have my doubts because…well…it is Facebook. That said my mum lives on Facebook and is very familiar with Messenger and I want her to feel connected to me and of course her grand kids. My old man couldn’t care less – he loves a text message. I’ll review when they arrive.

I blogged a bit about my Sticker book project and sent a couple of emails related to that. Oh and new editions got delivered..


I finished ‘Light of Impossible Stars‘ by local chap Gareth L Powell. I’ve really enjoyed his ‘Fleet of Knives’ trilogy and would love more stories from the history of the ‘House of Reclamation’. Recommended if you are a space opera fan.

I dusted off my Blue Snowball microphone in an attempt to see if I can get away without my headset for some calls. I’ve bought so much random tech over the years which is finally finding a use.

I also had a ‘green screen’ delivered – but (a) turns out my Mac doesn’t have the chops to power the Zoom virtual backgrounds* and (b) I can’t work out how to fold it back up! So I have a 4ft green screen leaning against my wardrobe for the foreseeable.

I got this ‘How to Think When You Draw‘ book a year or two ago and never really spent much time with it but I’m going to do at least 30 minutes a day trying out the tutorials – I’m also re-reading Scott McCloud’s ‘Understanding Comics‘. I also own but have never read ‘Words for Pictures‘ by Bendis. Honestly I don’t think I have a comic in me but this feels like another good distraction.

Oh I also rolled out my never used yoga mat into the space I cleared for my ‘office’ before I moved it and downloaded some really, really beginners guides to my Pixelbook. Going to try and start my days with at least some stretching and see how I get on.

*I was going to get an iPad for my stay in Oslo but the timings didn’t work out and so far I haven’t ordered one as I’ve been busy sorting my capability to be able to work but now I’m wondering if it is time to treat myself? I am tempted if I can get something by my birthday Friday.


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