‘Sticker Stories’ story so far..

So it is safe to say I am going to need a distracting project in the months to come so I have decided to go all in on this Sticker Kickstarter idea.

For a start I am calling it ‘Sticker Stories‘ for now – that might change but it’ll do for now.

After last weekends Twitter poll I will be creating a Github Repository for stickers to uploaded to for inclusion in the book (this might take a day or two as I seem to be locked out of my Github account – which is frustrating!). I think to be be considered for inclusion any contributed sticker artwork will need to include artist attribution details at a minimum (including a way to get in contact) and I suspect the original vector artwork as well as an easy to view version (PDF, JPEG or PNG). Bonus points for any information about context. I’ll create some kind of .txt template maybe?

I’ve contacted Taylor Bros in Bristol to get an idea on the costs. I’m basing the quote on the specs for this book they produced which is really close to what I had in my minds eye. So a 220 page, full colour, nice paper stock, embossed cover illustration. That would look nice on a coffee table I reckon! The more I think about it the more I want to pepper the book with some stories of the work behind the stickers. To celebrate the work as well as the creativity of the public service internet (I think there might be a few tales from the next few weeks!).

I need suggestions for reading on doing successful Kickstarter campaigns as well. Please send me links or suggestions.

I’ve had a few offers of help which I appreciate but the more the merrier. This isn’t a me thing – it is an us thing. I suspect I am not the only person looking for a distraction at the moment.

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