Micro March (24)

Officially knackered.

My first video call was at 07.30 today and all in all I have just over six hours worth. Not sure what it is about all these VCs but they don’t half take a toll.

Tomorrow looks similar if not worse.

I didn’t even get outside today. I know I could now but I’m just too tired. I also didn’t do either my yoga or press ups (but I might do the latter before I crash this evening.)


The Facebook Portals I got for my folks and me arrived today. I mean they are Facebook so clearly there is an element of evil but they are pretty good bits of kit. Was easy to set up, is very smart how it tracks movement and the sound quality is great. Basically just means new VCs though.

Oh it looks like I will be starting at Essex CC next week – a few days early – to help with some of their COVID-19 stuff. I am excited to get stuck in – assuming I can just clear up the few other projects I am involved in this week.

I’m enjoying ‘The English Game’ on Netflix. Much better than I expected – also I’m learning a fair bit. Also just signed up for Disney+….because I wanted the whole streaming set.


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