Micro March (26)

I’m fried. Totally.

I’ve been trying to get the Oslo work over the line while also helping with some urgent local government projects related to COVID-19, supporting one of our teams helping central government with an urgent project related to COVID-19, getting up to speed for starting at Essex on Tuesday (likely doing COVID-19 stuff) and helping out other bits and pieces here and there. I still see a significant part of my role as being a connector and a facilitator and a cheerleader for other people and just because its all go I don’t want to lose sight of that – because it is needed more than ever at the moment.

Still. I’m fried. Totally.

Got a chilli-adjacent concoction on the hob and a glass of NZSB on the go so life could be worse. I signed up for Disney+ yesterday and am working through the Star Wars cartoons (7 seasons of Clone Wars and then whatever there is of Rebels.) Plus they have a bunch of those inspirational sports movies I love so that is my weekend sorted!

My parents dropped off my birthday pressies + a couple of little cakes and some others bits. I’m looking forward to getting good and drunk tomorrow if I’m honest.

Oh I ordered a couple of tees – patron of the arts 😉

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