10 weeks note


This is my 10th weekend of essentially self-isolating. I mean to some extent I am always self-isolating. I mean I live alone and am not the most social person but between work, family and my close friends I usually occasionally see a few people in person!

Since I got back from Oslo on March 13th I have –>

  • had my birthday,
  • had my first Zoom party,
  • started a new role,
  • badly sprained my wrist,
  • thought I was ill,
  • got really ill,
  • eaten too much sugar,
  • drank too much beer,
  • cooked more than I ever have before,
  • bought some fancy, expensive chefs knives,
  • used Deliveroo for the first time,
  • ordered a beer delivery for the first time,
  • walked the same route approximately 50 times,
  • started yoga,
  • stopped yoga,
  • started a different yoga,
  • tried Couch25K again
  • gave up Couch25K again
  • listened to more music than I can ever remember,
  • smashed another phone,
  • bought another phone,
  • tweeted two semi-viral posts,
  • run my first 100% remote workshop,
  • tried to get my Sticker Stories project going,
  • shelved my Sticker Stories project due to lack of interest (for now),
  • been unable to read for pleasure,
  • been unable to concentrate on TV/movies,
  • written a lot of blogposts,
  • paid for an anti-bodies test and messed it up,
  • came very close to starting a podcast (because I am a cliche),
  • started getting back to reading for pleasure – but only comfort authors,
  • spent a fortune with Amazon but saved a load of money compared to usual,
  • bought a lot of art,
  • and trainers..

My mental health has been…well lets call is changeable. There have been days where I have been productive and pretty upbeat, days when I haven’t wanted to get out of bed and at least a couple of days where I got seriously drunk. I know I have it easy compared to a lot of people – no home schooling, no care responsibilities at all, still got a good job, great broadband, books for days, every streaming service known to man…but it has still been pretty sucky and truth be told I have no confidence about going back out into the world post-lockdown. The idea of getting on a train, bus or god forbid the Tube scares the crap out of me. I can’t even imagine getting back on a plane – I had enough issues before.

At the moment I am planning on carrying on much the same until August when I’ll re-evaluate. That is another 10 weeks.



2 responses to “10 weeks note”

  1. haha – that was kind of on the cards. I was going to do a podcast about open comms – blogging, meet-ups, stickers, posters, social media…with stickers for guests and listeners.

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