Probing public service product management capabilities..

For an upcoming project my team are going to be investigating a clients current capabilities in their product management community of practice before embarking on a programme of coaching and support. As part of this we intended to do a bit of a survey to kick things off – and planned to use something we’ve done before with a few changes….but – well – I am me.

So after reading around the topic a bit, looking at a few other examples out there and having a couple of conversations I ended up re-doing the whole thing (it is my own work I am replacing for the record!).

It is inspired by something John Cutler did but then injected with a lot of thinking from 18F, GDS, CDS, my own approach and all the individuals that inspired that. It was also influenced by my experiences doing my recent jobs description survey – so less free text and a single approach to structured responses (it is a BEAST to analyse otherwise!).

Of course it doesn’t cover everything and as someone said in their feedback – often the real answer is ‘it depends’ – but I am pretty pleased with it and think it will provide sufficient clues and trends to be reasonably useful.

So anyway if you are a product person and fancy helping out please do take the survey – I’ll share the results of course – if you want to use the survey or edit it to use with your own team(s) just DM me and I’ll share it.


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