Remembering Pete Ferne – 10 years on

One of those Facebook ‘memories’ reminded me that today was the 10 year anniversary of Pete passing.

Can it really have been that long? That feels crazy to me. So much of my career since has been influenced by what I learned from Pete. So many of my professional principles copied wholesale from his approach.

Pete remains one of the smartest people I’ve ever met (and over the years I’ve met a few) but he was quiet about it – he never felt the need to be showy about his intellect. He was a little eccentric (with his fractal patterns in his hair) but a total professional. He cared about community but wasn’t against making a quid as he knew it provided him with opportunities to do more of the things he cared about.

To this day if I find myself with a tricky problem at work I wonder what Pete would say. I’ve worked with some brilliant, inspiring people but few influenced me as much as Pete – some of this was timing – I was a bit lost professionally when I met him and the Jiva gang – but mainly it was seeing someone be successful by bringing his whole self to work in a way I really hadn’t at that point in my career.

Anyway – thanks for everything mate. You are missed but never forgotten.

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