S01E01: Reboot

This isn’t my first season of #weeknotes of course but all the others were BC* so I decided I’d start afresh with a reboot rather than a revamp. So the new Charmed rather than the new Will and Grace 😂

I’ve been feeling pretty low since the latter days of December and was pretty worried about how I’d cope going back to work this week. Despite the world really trying its best to break me it has been okay though – it is nice being back on a delivery team and having to get my game face on for a team kick off/intro first thing Monday kind of gave me a useful jump-start into the year. I’ve been pretty much wiped out by 5 every day and spend my evenings a little zombified but it is better than last week for sure.

Here are 10 things worth mentioning.

  1. Started a new project. I’m impersonating a ‘delivery manager’ for a piece of work with the Welsh Government. It is a real all-star team we’ve put together to make up for my deficiencies in the role and we have a great, enthusiastic client so it has been fun so far. I’m trying a bunch of things with this work based on Steve’s no meetings post, Will’s words about moving from an oral culture and a general desire to shift from so many video calls. I’ll write a specific post about it I think.
  2. Been doing some proposal writing which I enjoyed – it is an interesting opportunity that initially I couldn’t get a handle on but it clicked this week. I’m finding it hard to come to terms with our new more formal way of working around this kind of activity though. There are a lot of cooks now and while I can see it is better for the company it doesn’t suit me really.
  3. Had a mixed week on the hiring side of things – landed someone I ‘met’ in December onto a project this week which I think is a nice fit for him and us but someone I was really keen to work with on another project decided to accept another offer. I wish him well but of course it is disappointing.
  4. Was interviewed for a piece of user research which is always amusing. I’m not sure how helpful it was as I tend to be a bit of an unusual participant one way or another. Still it is nice to see it from the other perspective every now and again.
  5. Had a remote workspace assessment / advisory call with a physio chap who has been helping all our people. Was a nice chat and I liked his more holistic rather than box ticking approach to the whole thing. He approved of my little space which was cool and most of the chat was about my injuries!
  6. My tiny little flat means my living room & kitchen share the same small space and my ageing fridge has become so loud (despite YouTube inspired remedial repairs) I have to wear my noise cancelling headphones most of the day as the noise is so distracting! I do think I’ve tuned into it to such an extent at this point that it might not actually be getting louder – I just can’t avoid it anymore. I have ordered a new fridge but these things take time it turns out ☹️
  7. Had one of those Twitter experiences that remind you why you still bother. I put a rather hopeful tweet into the universe looking for information about current ID verification activity in Government (meaning UK but it went a lot wider) and got an amazing response from Si Manby at the. Ministry of Justice. It really was a godsend of a response that has seriously accelerated the work for (1) in a way I really wasn’t expecting.
  8. Really enjoying Godfather of Harlem at the moment. Forest Whitaker is one of my favourite actors and I’ve read a lot about Bumpy Johnson, Malcolm X and the mob of that era over the years (did my A Level long project for English on the Autobiography of Malcom X!) and this is a great – but very fictional – retelling of that era. The soundtrack is something special as well.
  9. I read this blogpost about ‘Subscription Living‘ via Sharon O’Dea and I’ve been genuinely considering signing up for the CitizenM Global Passport offer. They have hotels in Boston, New York and DC – all cities I am hoping to visit as part of my sabbatical tour assuming things ever improve and I do love their hotel in the Bowery. It assumes the world would be open for travel again by September – if not it is costly risk – but I think it would otherwise be well worth it. Going to decide this weekend.
  10. I love ❤️ my iPad Air & pencil. Basically it was worth the investment just for Marvel Unlimited for which it is the best hardware device/software combo for reading comics I’ve tried and Procreate – which I am useless with but makes doodling so much fun. Basically outside of work hours it is the thing most responsible for preventing me from totally tipping into the abyss.

I’m ending the working week by cracking the bottle of Rose Champagne I was too moody to drink at New Year and ordering take-away to celebrate getting through week one of the 13th month of 2020.

“Ain’t nothin’ to it, but to do it.”

*Before COVID

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