“Do you have any questions for us..?”

Reading that the venerable Giuseppe Sollazzo is adding a new feature to his newsletter combined with the whole Basecamp debacle (where a company long hailed for its admirable culture turned out to have anything but) I am considering adding an occasional element to my weekly jobs newsletter

I’d give the hiring manager (or team member) with a vacancy (or more than one) an opportunity to say a bit more about their organisation, team and the role. Basically a chance to make the case for why people should apply. No HR or recruiters. I’d only do it if it was someone with some kind of direct relationship with the role and knowledge of the day to day tasks.

At the moment the idea is in the early stages but I thought it could work something like this;

  • A bank of questions based on those ‘do you have any questions for us’ end of interview examples that litter the web
  • A Google form that limits the answers to XXX words per answer
  • Let the person answering pick say up to four questions/answers that make the best case (I don’t want it to be a massive essay)
  • The person answering does a little bio including their relationship to the role (line manager, colleague..) and includes a Twitter ID, email or some other way to answer other questions
  • I drop it in at the bottom of my weekly newsletter and send it off to 1750 subscribers (though I doubt I’d do it every week – maybe once or twice a month if there is any interest..)

Thoughts? I’m particularly interested in good examples of the questions to ask – but also whether this is a good idea or not generally!

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