Week 05/52

This is a short/short week for me that for reasons became even shorter and has left me with a super short weeknote. Honestly it has been a weird couple of days work wise. Change is coming in waves and the significant pivot that has emerged in the last week or so has left me discombobulated. I’ve only been here five weeks and it feels like it has spanned three eras and truth be told I’m at a bit of a loss to see my place in the latest one.

Actually I think that is probably all I can say. Huh. Oh well.

I’ve actually really enjoyed being back to work these last few weeks though – great people, having some structure to my days again, getting to exercise my brain a bit more, just remembering why despite it all I do love this work. That said, the bout of Covid before I started seems to have sent me right back to having a work or life balance rather than a work/life balance. At the moment even doing four days means two days are entirely recovery at the weekend. So I basically have one day to play with as regards doing…well…anything.

Anyway those shifting sands at work and the changing travel rules have spurred me to revisit my vacation plans. In years gone by I’ve always tried to go away on an adventure in May/June and I’ve decided to dust that off by combining the two holidays I had booked for 2020.

I’m going to go to Miami to visit Wynwood Walls, the Museum of Graffiti, Little Havana and eat too many Cubanos then travel to Austin for the ATX TV festival and TV nerd it up – I’m especially excited by the Justified writing room panel…and eat too much BBQ. There will be just the right amount of cocktails in both cities.

It is going to be way too hot for me in both locations so we’ll see how that goes!

Road to 50 – 1976

Film: The Outlaw Josey Wales

Album: Songs in the Key of Life / Stevie Wonder

Let us see what next week brings. Honestly it could be anything at this point.

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