Week 07/52

Even for a short week this has been especially quiet and empty of activity. My role really feels surplus to requirements in the current circumstances so I have essentially stood down apart from a few 1-2-1s and helping gather job leads to ensure everybody leaving lands well.

There is a scenario where later in this month or sometime in June a Jukesie shaped hole emerges in the organisation but for now not so much.

So I need to start really thinking about what I am going to do next – because I do need a job. More for the structure, community and challenge than the money really (though I do need and enjoy the money). Medium to long term I don’t think contracting is going to be for me – I’d like to get a perm or at least longer term interim role and I think something similar to what I was going to do here – some kind of ‘Head of..’ / Grade 6 in the Civil Service space is the right shape for me. 

Helping leadership understand the power of good digital while building good digital teams who are given the space, tools and vision to do good work is my sweet spot. It takes time and commitment though so can’t be achieved in a short-term assignment.

Time for that bloody newsletter to prove its worth I guess 🙂

I’ve signed up to volunteer for Upfest in the run up to the main event (which I’ll actually miss as I’ll be in Miami). It has given me a lot of pleasure over the years so I’m glad I finally get to help – and also it gives me something to do for a couple of weeks.

Loved this book. Finished it in one (seven hour) sitting. Winslow is a master of the organised crime novel – his Cartel trilogy is incredible – but this has more heart but less weight to it. No way this doesn’t end up a movie.

I’ve been laughing at all the hand-wringing about the future of Netflix recently. So many words written about something so obvious. They are on a losing streak when it comes to new shows / movies – the hit rate is the worst I’ve known since I signed up. That combined with the fact it is much more expensive than Disney+ and that half the world shares log-ins means it is a bit fucked 😀

Road to 50

Album – Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols

Film – Smokey and the Bandit

I went out/out Sunday – we ended up in a bar that we used to drink in during the late 90s…and I was comfortably 30 years older than most of the people there.

There had been a fair few alcoholic beverages consumed which led to this extremely amusing pic – no idea what this face was about but it makes me laugh and that counts for a lot at the moment.

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