Week 11/52

The International edition.

Since my last weeknote I have travelled to Miami and am now writing this in Austin – fully indulging in my privilege it has to be said. Keen as I am to return to work and get some structure and stimulus in my life again there is a lot to be said about just travelling and chilling.

Miami was primarily about visiting the Wyndham neighbourhood – one of the hottest (in all senses) street art spots in the world. I spent a couple of hours wandering around in the 32 degree heat taking dozens of pics and I didn’t even get close to capturing it all. I probably should have doubled up on my visit there but honestly the city was sooooooo hot and humid anything more than one activity a day seemed impossible! So my visit to the Perez Art museum and my boat trip around the bay pretty much rounded off the 3 day trip – with a lot of tacos, sandwiches, slushies and Coronas.

Miami included an unexpected number of early morning video calls about potential jobs and a LOT of emailing on that topic. I’ve been lucky enough to land three interviews for great roles but given I am only getting home Tuesday morning and suffer horribly with re-entry these days I had to negotiate the interviews for the end of the week…and Wednesday is now doing a lot of heavy lifting prep wise 😆

Austin is all about the ATX TV festival – and thank god all the venues are near each other and my (fancy & haunted) hotel because Austin is even hotter than Miami (though not as humid).

Like any good conference/festival there is too much happening to see everything and it is all subject to change but I managed to come up with a personal schedule that was full of brilliant sessions while giving me a bunch of down time and food time!

I attended;

Rutherford Falls season 2 premiere with cast Q&A

Dark Winds premiere with cast Q&A

Evil season 3 premiere with cast Q&A

Future of TV panel

Parenthood cast/creators reunion

Walker:Independence pilot premiere with cast Q&A

Justified creatives reunion

Westworld season 4 cast Q&A

Scrubs cast/creators reunion

Friday Night Lights live podcast with cast members

Bill Lawrence and Zach Braff chat

…and had more amazing tacos, burgers and brisket.

I’ve really enjoyed it – it’s been well organised with lively sessions and friendly and helpful volunteers. I’d definitely do it again depending on the programme.

Oh I also got to wear all my fancy shirts!

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