Week 12/52

I’m back in Blighty and the jet lag is kicking my backside as usual. I left Austin Monday evening – a couple of hours later than planned (a fuel truck crashed and spilled its load at the airport) and after an interesting day (I ended up getting Maced in a 7/11 in a case of wrong place/wrong time during a shoplifting incident that turned a bit violent) which at 38 degrees presented some logistical issues for me as to how to kills the hours post hotel check out / pre airport arrival – I did visit the Museum of the Weird on 6th Street which was silly and fun plus get some fried chicken and waffles – which was tasty but weird (the sweet/savoury mix isn’t really my speed.)

Chicken and (Texas shaped) Waffles

The flight also suffered from the most turbulence I think I’ve ever encountered – the seat belt light was on for about six out of nine hours.

Anyway I got home late Tuesday afternoon and was pretty out of it.

Wednesday I spent most of the day preparing for my interviews on Thursday and Friday. I don’t think I’ve ever buckled down quite as much for interviews – it isn’t that I usually wing it but I rarely put so much pressure on myself.

Anyway it backfired pretty spectacularly as I totally tanked my first interview on Thursday – I got timings so wrong for the presentation I had to give I barely got through the preamble. I mean I had to laugh – I got it soooooooo wrong. I am blaming the jet lag but honestly I have no idea what happened. The rest of the interview was fine I think but there was no recovering from that start. It was like when I crashed into the back of that John Lewis delivery truck on my driving test – I didn’t do too badly the rest of the test (yes – they had me continue!) but it wasn’t like I was passing after that!

Do not disturb Post-It

It is a pity as what I wrote was pretty good. Might turn it into a blogpost.

It did help knock the rust off as it has been a while since I was formally interviewed in that kind of way and I was much better in the two interviews I did today – probably a bit too talky but I always am so have to live with that but didn’t embarrass myself in either of them (I think) so fingers crossed.

It is a real TV bonanza this week – 

Ms Marvel has debuted on Disney+ and episode one is wonderful.

Disney has also added Abbot Elementary which is a lovely sitcom.

The Boys season 3 and Hacks season 2 are on Amazon Prime.

For All Mankind has returned to Apple TV+.

Sky has We Own This City (from the creators of The Wire).

Just as well I don’t have a job yet.

Road to 50 (1981 & 1982)

Nightclubbing – Grace Jones

1999 – Prince

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

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