Week 29/52

In a change from our regularly scheduled programming I am coming to this blogpost cap in hard, seeking help.

A month in and I’m really starting to take the reins on the new role now and the areas I really want/need to concentrate on are coming into sharp focus. While I have my own ideas about how to approach them I’m really hoping to get some new perspectives.

So here are some things I’m interested in and I’m seeking blogposts, books, podcasts, conference talks, anecdotes, Chatham House chats – anything really 🙂

  1. Approaches to prioritsation beyond the team level – I’m talking multiple teams and portfolios with different stakeholders and competing pressures. While – as ever – I’m interested in small ‘a’ agile and lightweight it is actually more important that it feels like there is a…sturdy…methodology behind it. Prioritsation without trust in the process is pointless.
  2. If you are involved in – or facilitating – a Product community of practice what are your top tips? What has worked well and what has bombed? In this case I kind of have too many ideas and to be honest the community is hopefully going to be the driver for its own future but I’m curious.
  3. What Learning and Development activity has had the most impact for you? Course, conference, book club, shadowing – whatever. Again I have my own strong opinions (not as loosely held as they should) about what works for product people in particular but could do with that being challenged a bit. 

You can comment here, DM me on Twitter, message me on LinkedIn, email me at mjukes@gmail com – heck send a homing pigeon 🙂 

Thanks in advance!

Road to 50 – 2000

The Marshall Mathers LP – Eminen 

Remember the Titans

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