Week 33/52

Going to keep this one short as I’ve done a bit of blogging this week →

Consulting crushed me

..and the sequel

A Restorative Return

I had Monday off – went to see Black Adam at the cinema. Enjoyed it more than many it seems. I suspect the fact I was a huge fan of the comics run it is loosely based on has a lot to do with that. I was able to layer a lot of backstory in context over it that would have been impossible otherwise. Seeing a live action Dr. Fate was a real treat.

Also got a big ol’ pile of comics from my guys at Excelsior – this is the one place where the weakness of the pound really directly affects me 🙂 

There was a lot going on this week – Q3 has gotten off to a bit of a bumpy start so I found myself in conversations about reworking OKRs, resequencing deliverables and re-assigning individuals. I think it all ended up in the right place but not sure it was the best path to get there!

Did a couple of mid-year reviews which Tom did most of the heavy lifting on given I wasn’t around for most of it and attended a cross-public service Heads of Product community call which wasn’t really what I expected.

Filled in for Miranda at a couple of DDaT SMT meetings and didn’t embarrass myself or her and took part in a focus group about building a compelling brand for Civil Service recruitment into digital – which of course I had a LOT of opinions about. Interesting topic but terrible format – someone needed to introduce the company running it to User Research!

I do feel like it has been a week where I’ve bounced from meeting to meeting and while I haven’t had loads of back to backs there hasn’t been enough time between them to do any real thinking and I have a couple of knotty things to work out. I’ve booked a bunch of time next week to try and address that – fingers crossed I can protect it.

I’ve commissioned a DJ to create me a mixtape with tracks from each of my Road to 50 albums which I’m going to release on my birthday in March.

Road to 50 – 2004

Thunder, Lightning, Strike! – The Go! Team

This would have been The College Drop Out but Kanye has just become too problematic.

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